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As a person, I am definitely oriented in specific ways. I’m not talking about political or religious affiliations, I’m talking about those deep-down personal orientations that define who you are.

Let’s just say there’s never been a question that I might be ambidextrous.

When my brother, who is left handed, was in school, it was during a time when they used to try to teach left-handed children to be right handed. So even today there are certain things he does right handed and other things, like write and eat, that he does naturally with his left hand.

Not me. About the only thing I do with my left hand is scratch my right elbow.

So you can imagine my consternation when I consider my upcoming rotator cuff surgery which will require my right arm to be in a sling for three weeks.

In preparation, I have decided to start doing things with my left hand.

I don’t write many checks — I pay most of my bills on line, so that’s not a big issue.

However, this morning I tried brushing my teeth with my left hand. Those of you who think it’s humorous to have toothpaste from your earlobe to your elbow are more than welcome to try this at home. Please send pictures.

I hope your day starts and ends with a smile. Thanks for checking in.