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Finally the week is over.

I worked late Monday because I was leaving Tuesday for Seattle. I had planned on getting on a mid-afternoon flight which would have put me into Seattle about 9:30 body clock time. Unfortunately, we had a series of impromptu employee meetings that I had to support on Tuesday afternoon, which meant that I took the later flight, putting me into the hotel about 2:00 am body clock time. Of course I woke up at 6:00 am Dallas time, like normal, so I got four hours of sleep.

I take my Enbrel shot on Wednesday, so by Tuesday I’m starting to feel achy. I’ve posted before how changes in pressure aggravate my joint pain, and a 4+ hour flight, which makes me stiff anyway, was really uncomfortable because of the change in cabin pressure.

The good news is that my meetings went really well on Wednesday, I found a great candidate for the position I needed to fill, and things are looking up. I got home about 10:30 Wednesday evening.  My right shoulder (the one with the rotator cuff tear) is still really sore from lugging baggage and laptops. Travel is getting more and more difficult between the RA and the shoulder issues. However, ask me if I’m planning on staying home any time soon.

I scrambled all day Thursday and worked until about 7:00 pm. But Friday was a holiday for us, so I’ve been able to enjoy a long weekend.

Friday started out a bit rainy and drizzly, but husband and I went for an hour walk, heading for the house when the mist condensed into sprinkles and then into rain. We then went for an afternoon of lunch and window shopping (and more walking), before going to a movie and trying a new restaurant for dinner. He and I neither one ever take a day off when we’re in town and it was a glorious day of playing hooky. I thought I was going to have to work both Friday and Saturday, and missed a high school reunion and a visit with my family, but the project got pushed out while I was in Seattle, so I had a free day after all.

The downside is that my knees cried all night. In retribution I made them get up and take another hour walk this morning. It’s in the high 70’s and just gorgeous outside, but it’s time for the Tylenol and ice packs.

The other bad news is that my heart rate is way up. It has gone over 100 pretty regularly for some time, and recently started crossing 110. Walking around at the mall yesterday and on my walks, it’s been well over 120. And I’m not talking power walking, I’m talking about a stroll in the park. Based on advice from my cardiologist, I cut way back on caffeine as well as alcohol. Now I’m going to give up both for a week or so and see if it makes any difference, plus make a real conscious effort to get my 30 minutes of walking or other exercise in my life every day. I go see my PCP for my annual physical, so if it’s not better by then, we’ll have a different conversation.

But it’s nice to be back and at a more leisurely pace for at least the weekend. Hope your life has lots of sunshine as well.

Thanks for checking in.