I’ve often thought that virtue is simply the lack of sufficient temptation.

I therefore have a confession to make. I took one foot “off the wagon” last night and had a glass of white wine with dinner. Those of you who read the “Addiction” post a few days ago know that I’ve cut out caffeine and alcohol to see if that will impact my rapid heart rate. Being a caffeine addict, I’d assumed that I’d succumb to a Coke Zero, but a nice dinner out with my husband was my undoing and I gave into the glass of wine. I guess I could have had water, but the other usual option, iced tea, has caffeine, so I nixed it.

Actually, I fell off the wagon more than just the wine. I had great plans to get my walks in every evening, but with my knees giving me such trouble, I just took the night off. I have been very good about no caffeine, no alcohol, and a good amount of walking four days straight (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, plus all day on Wednesday), and for those of you who know me, being good for over four days is some kind of a record.

There’s no doubt that cutting WAY back on the bad stuff, plus adding in the exercise has got to be good for me, but all things in moderation.

I had lunch a while ago with a good friend I don’t see often enough. It was low-key and we met at a local burger joint. He guiltily confessed to me that this was the most red meat or salt (or probably fun!) that he’d had in a long time and how upset his wife would be if she caught him eating a hamburger. I pointed out to him that he’s going to die anyway, it’s how enjoyable your life is before you get there that counts.

I’ve never wanted to be a healthy corpse, I’ve always just wanted to be healthy enough to enjoy those things I do — like travel. Now that RA and high heart rates are threatening to curtail those things, it’s time to take a step back and make some changes. But changes in moderation, of course.

May the changes you make bring health and joy to your life as well. Thanks for checking in.