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10.   When you say no one understands how you feel, you’re probably right.

9.    Effects vary over time. Not being well enough to visit in-laws in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t have lunch with friends.

8.   Fatigue is a real reason to skip spring cleaning.

7.   Alice [in Wonderland] is a real wimp compared to the pills you get to take.

6.   Long meetings really will bore you stiff.

5.   You have a legitimate need to have regular massages.

4.   Learning the names of all your joints in that human anatomy class is finally paying off.

3.   You finally have a real excuse to take the elevator instead of the stairs.

2.   You may finally find out if enough X-rays will make you glow in the dark.

And #1 on my top 10 list ….

1.  A whole new group of [medical] people get to see you naked.