Having been the kid who always got picked last for anything, I’m — there is no other word for it — just plain tickled that Warm Socks included me in her list of nominees for the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award.  The rules say I must tell you 10 things about myself that you didn’t know and I must pass this award on to five other bloggers. Like Socks, I could probably point you to ten great blogs (see my Community page), but since I have no secrets, I am not sure that I can think of 10 things to post that you don’t already know, but here goes:

  1. Things I have ridden: a wheat harvester, a helicopter, an elephant, a Model T Ford.
  2. I lived in 7 states before I was 12.
  3. My great-grandparents migrated to western Kansas in a covered wagon and their son, my grandfather, was the first non-Indian child born in Finney County, Kansas.
  4. I have no children, but I have six nephews, two nieces and a multitude of grand nieces and nephews.
  5. I read palms and Tarot cards.
  6. I don’t eat eggs.
  7. I have been to school for both nursing and travel agent certifications as well as a wide variety of computer technology training.
  8. I feel like I’ve learned more about myself, and life in general, in the last 10 years than I did all the years before.
  9. My favorite (and probably only) junk food is peanut M&M’s.
  10. I am not afraid of heights, but I am terrified of falling.

Whew! My Top 10 RA list was much easier to compile. Fortunately, you can come back and edit your posts, so maybe I’ll think of things more interesting to add later.

Now, the hard part. To nominate five bloggers out of all the fabulous ones out there is really tough. But here are five of my faves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Pat O’Connell, friend, confident, author, and hormone guru: http://hormoneguru.wordpress.com

Jodie McKee for her fabulous photography project: http://jodimckeephotography.blogspot.com/

Sara and Single Girl’s Guide because of all the amazing work she does in/about RA: http://singlegalsguidetora.typepad.com/the_single_gals_guide_to_/

My Super Hero, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy: www.rheumatoidarthritisguy.com

Wren, for her wonderful compassion and fabulous insights at http://rheumablog.wordpress.com .

For the rest of my nominations, please do visit the Community page. There is a wealth of knowledge, caring, and lots and lots of humor.

And, Socks, thanks again!