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Well, okay. I really dislike Thursdays. You work all week and it’s not even Friday yet. It’s such a let down. At least when you hit Wednesday, you feel good about making it halfway through the week.

I started liking Thursdays a bit better when I started taking my RA injections on Wednesday nights (first Humira, then Simponi, now Enbrel). Usually on Thursday morning, I would feel better.

Not this week. My usual Thursday morning “bump” is nowhere to be found.

Not sure exactly what is going on, but there could be some contributing factors:

  • First, I’m not sure I’ve recovered from my marathon plane trip to Seattle and back on Monday. I’ve commented before how changes in pressure, including just being on a plane, is hard on my joints — not to mention 9 hours sitting in a cramped airline seat combined with a couple of hours more sitting in meetings.
  • Second, there’s a storm front moving into Dallas. Tonight we’re supposed to be getting severe thunderstorms — rain, hail, lighting, flying cows — no wait, cows only fly during tornados (seriously). So the approach of the front may be causing some of the blahs.
  • Another possibility, one that I really don’t want to contemplate, is that Enbrel may not be doing as much good for me as it did at first. I know that the severe itchy injection site reaction has completely disappeared, so that makes me wonder if my body has adjusted to the drug in other ways. I also flared last weekend, and I can’t remember the last time I had a systemic body flare. I’ve also noticed some small signs that the joint damage is progressing .

I really don’t like to think about the third possibility. And I really don’t like Thursdays either.

Hope that you like what’s going on in your life. Thanks for checking in.