It’s been a weird weekend that’s extended into Monday morning.

You know those horror movies, like Final Destination, where there is some malevolent force that sets a Mouse-Trap-like series of events in place designed to do harm to the main players? That’s what my weekend was like. For example, I got some nice salmon steaks for dinner Sunday night. I put the package on the counter next to the stove, unwrapped the salmon and put them in a skillet to sear before finishing them in the oven. After place the salmon in the pan, I was wrapping up the butcher paper to throw it away. The price sticker on the butcher paper had stuck to the quart dispenser of olive oil on the counter and tipped it over on to the stove, which had lighted burners blazing.

This morning was no better. After one wardrobe mishap after another getting ready, I kept having a problem with my left contact, so I stopped to take it out and clean it, and it had ripped all the way from the edge to the middle.

On top of it all, I didn’t really feel well this weekend.  I was really, really tired. I took it pretty easy on Saturday and Sunday, I basically slept until 3:00 pm.  After a goodnight sleep, I’m still tired this morning. I think I need my caffeine back.

On the good side, since I rested most of Sunday, the edema I’ve experienced  has all but disappeared. I’ve also decided to go on a low-carb diet for the week to see if that makes any difference. Low carb diets and anti-inflammatory diets have a lot in common, reducing/eliminating the gluten, processed sugars, etc.

I did talk to my doctor on Friday and all my physical tests came back fine. Nothing to indicate what could be causing the rapid heart rate and edema. He’s asked me to schedule a test that checks the circulation in my legs to see if that might be part of the problem. I’ll hopefully get that scheduled this week. The good news is that the tests are fine, so I’m not anticipating anything on my upcoming pre-op test that would be a red flag.

Today’s a busy, busy work day so I’d better get to it. Hopefully my life will calm down and weird things will quit happening.

Hope that all’s well in your world today. Thanks for checking in.