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I have been moving at such a fast pace lately, that I have really haven’t taken time to experiment managing day-to-day life with just my left hand in anticipation of my upcoming rotator cuff surgery.

Some things were rather apparent. I’ve purchased an electric toothbrush and an electric shaver is on my list for this week’s shopping.

I have neglected one major, major aspect of my life however.

I can’t operate my computer’s mouse left-handed.

My husband, who is also a righty, drives his mouse left-handed. For years he operated one of his architectural programs with the mouse in his left hand and his right hand on the number pad of the keyboard. Even today, he’s more comfortable driving left instead of right.

The main problem is that my left pointer finger wants to drive, so clicking the right and left buttons is often confused. I think (hope, pray) that the mouse driver lets me program the buttons backward, so maybe that will help.

Anyway, after a hectic pace today, I have a weekend, then two more hectic days at work, then surgery. Countdown’s begun.

Thanks for checking in.