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For someone who had nothing done toward getting ready for rotator cuff surgery, I made an amazing amount of progress over the weekend — not the least of which is a huge batch of chicken stew that’s put up in the freezer.

I started out thinking the stew was going to be a cassoulet — and decided to make it spicy so I got Andouille sausage, but then when I went to get vegetables, I picked up mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, cippolini onions, roasted garlic and similar goodies, so I decided to make coq au vin instead. Back went the Andouille, into the basked went the pancetta. But when I got home, I had WAY to0 much food to fit into my covered roaster, so I just cut the chicken into smaller chunks and made a stew out of it instead.

I’ve got pump bottles for all my shower soaps, gels, and conditioners so I can manage those one-handed. I bought a spiffy new electric razor. I got my hair cut short and my nails taken care of. I picked up a couple of front-opening warm-up suits to lounge around in. (Mostly I wear sweaters or sweats that I have to pull over my head, and that doesn’t work well with shoulder surgery.) I also caught up on two weeks of laundry and took in a movie. Busy weekend.

This morning I saw my rheumatologist. She thinks that the Celebrex may be contributing to the swelling I’ve been experiencing and since I’m going off of it for the surgery, we’re going to see if that makes a difference. Other than that, everything is looking good on the RA front. I have to stay off Enbrel for 3-4 weeks after surgery, which I’m not pleased about. I hope that I don’t start having injection-site reactions again once I start back up. I’ve been thinking about getting off the Celebrex any way — I’ve been on it a long time. The Enbrel seems to be working and I think a couple of Tylenol at bed time might do just as well. If I stop taking the Celebrex, then I can also stop taking the Protonix — so that’s 3 pills a day — or 1,095 few pills a year I have to take.

The rest of today and tomorrow I’ll wrap things up at the office then the following day, it’s off to surgery. Hopefully everything will be done with the scope and it will be day surgery. Otherwise, it will be one night in the surgical center, then home.

I’m about as ready as I’m going to be, I guess.  I have to confess that I’m no looking forward to this surgery. I was tense and irritable all weekend (poor husband!), but now that I have made progress toward getting my “nest” built, I’m better. I went back over my blog last year when I had my other shoulder replaced and I swore that was the last surgery I was going to have — ever. Ha.

Hope you’re making progress in whatever is important to you. Thanks for checking in.