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Three days after surgery. It’s embarrassing how well I’m doing. My biggest problem seems to be boredom. Seriously.

My girlfriend came over yesterday to give my husband a break and she complains that she doesn’t do anything for me. We watched movies, ordered pizza, had a good time.

I’m pretty much off pain medication. Took a couple of Tylenol this morning after I did the shower and exercises.

I, of course, have limited mobility and almost no strength in the arm, but it really doesn’t hurt and it’s hardly bruised from the surgery. I have  bigger bruises where they did the IV than around the incisions.

I have three pencil-eraser-sized holes around the “crown” of my shoulder where they did the rotator cuff repair and the AC joint work. Then I have about a 2″ incision on the front of my arm where they worked on the biceps tendon. Hardly enough to write home about.

Overall I’m doing great. My formerly useless left hand has risen to the occasion and, while putting on mascara is still a bit scary, seems to be doing things I had previously dismissed as completely out of its range.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful wishes for a safe surgery and a quick recovery. The wishes seem to be doing their job because I seem to be doing extraordinarily well. I need to concentrate on strengthening my arm and getting mobility back, but I think I’m doing really, really well.

Thanks for checking in.