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It’s amazing how time flies when you’re off work. It’s hard to believe that I’m already back at my desk, just over 10 days post-surgery. However, I couldn’t think of many reasonable excuses not to show up since I’m doing so well. I’m still not driving, so husband playing chauffeur for the time being. He had an 8:00 am appointment this morning, so that meant we had to get up extra early so he could drop me off and get to where he needed to be.

All things considered, I’m doing very well. One of our neighbors had a “meet and greet” on Saturday. We’ve had several new families move into our neighborhood (including my new next door neighbors), so it was a great opportunity to get everyone together. However, it seems like every time we do one of these, I’m just out of surgery, so here I was again in my sling. My husband’s dermatologist has him on a cream that he calls the “ugly cream” and he looks like he was left out in the sun for about a week. Right now he looks like Mr. Scaly Monster. I feel really sorry for him and on top of it, it’s starting to be pretty painful.

But anyway, here I am back at the office — my shoulder exercise pulley dutifully hung on the back of the door so I can work on my exercises. My main concern is not so much my shoulder as my overall stamina. I’m not yet used to “being up” all day, and certainly not working all day. We’ll see. I’m sure they’ll cut me a bit of slack my first couple of days if I need to bail. But after that, we have major deadlines looming, so I see long nights and weekends in my future.

The other good news on all of this is that it’s been over three weeks since I’ve been off Enbrel and so far, most of the RA issues have left me alone. Of course, being fairly inactive has probably helped, so we’ll see what happens now that I’m back into the swing of things.

Thanks again to everyone for their good wishes. I appreciate you checking in.