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It’s now two weeks post-op and my main complaint is how much being in this sling is slowing me down. I was scurrying to get ready to get out the door this morning only to discover that my husband/temporary driver was still having breakfast. Usually by the time I finally get ready he’s waiting on me and has an insulated lunch bag packed with my breakfast yogurt and lunch sandwich– none of which was done.

I immediately flew into my “on a mission” mode, flung off my sling and turned Tasmanian devil in the kitchen, slinging together arugula and smoked turkey for lunch as well as a low-fat/high-fiber bagel and fat-free yogurt for breakfast at the office. Poor husband hurriedly finished his cereal and slunk off to the bedroom to finish getting ready to go.

Guilty feelings aside for being less than cordial to my long-suffering husband this morning, the point is, I’m using my arm a lot more than probably I’m supposed. The rotator cuff area isn’t bothering me at all. The only thing that actually hurts or causes issues is the biceps tendon repair — I don’t have any “pulling” or “pushing” power. At least not yet. At the rate I’m going I’ll either be building my strength up rapidly or doing something really stupid and screw things up. (Hopefully the former.)

The real issue is that it’s also now been three weeks since I’ve been off both Enbrel and Celebrex. Up until now, I hadn’t really missed either one, although I could feel some twinges now and again. However, the last few days several small things have cropped up. I woke up the other night with my feet hurting and realized that they were trying to bend themselves into little fetal balls. And this morning, my knees, which are harbingers of the weather, were both screaming that we’re about to get some much-needed rain here in Dallas.

According to the schedule, I’m not supposed to go back on Enbrel for four weeks after surgery, so hopefully when I see the doctor next week for my follow-up, I can get back on schedule.

As for the Celebrex, I’m going to try to stay off of it. I’ve been on NSAIDs for a long time now and I’d prefer to stay off if I can. As I’m off Celebrex, I’ve also stopped taking the Protonix, which helps protect my stomach, so that’s three pills a day that I’m not taking. They’re also starting to label Protonix, Nexium, and similar drugs because they’re finding that they contribute to bone fractures, so getting off the drug(s) is, in my opinion, a good thing.

So, overall, all’s well, and if Mr. RA stays at bay for another week, I should be well on my way to 100% once again.

Hope things are good with you. Thanks for checking in.