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Thought it was time for a quick health update.

Today is the one-year anniversary of my husband’s triple bypass and he’s doing terrific. He had a nuclear stress test a week ago and everything came back normal, so other than putting back on some of the pounds he lost, he’s doing quite well. His blood pressure has continued to be a bit erratic, but within reasonable limits. He sees his cardiologist the first of July so hopefully we’ll get that straightened out then.

I continue to do well recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I’m using my arm out of my sling probably more than I should. Probably the worst part right now is when I wake up in the  morning. I am still sleeping in the sling, and since I’ve been off my RA drugs now for almost four weeks, my arm/elbow is extremely stiff and sore when I wake up. I see the surgeon for my follow-up visit on Thursday, so hopefully he’ll let me out of the sling sooner rather than later. I’m also going to use that opportunity to give him whatfor on the left shoulder which still hasn’t recovered more than half of its range of motion after replacement surgery over a year ago.

Interestingly enough, the major edema I had has almost completely disappeared since I’ve stopped taking Celebrex. I really don’t miss it, so after years of being on NSAIDs, I think I’m going to stay off and see what happens.

When I went off Celebrex, I also went off Protonix, which helped protect my stomach from the drug. I’ve recently developed searing heartburn, so I’ve added one Protonix back in my morning routine. I was taking one in the morning and one in the evening. So far that seems to have solved the problem. I’ve heard that stopping Protonix suddenly can have its own consequences, so I’m hoping to be able to taper off the medicine over time.

Other than that, not much to report until after I see the surgeon in a couple of days.

Thanks for checking in.