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Aha! Good news!

My post-op surgery follow-up meeting went swimmingly (as my British friends are apt to say).

At three weeks after surgery, I basically have the full range of motion with my right arm restored (although admittedly some movements are a little more tenuous than others). I get to stop wearing the sling all the time — including not having to sleep in the darned thing anymore! I still am prohibited from lifting anything except my hand (little does the doctor know).

He has also cleared me to start taking my Enbrel again (yeah!).

AND he told me that at the 18-month mark of my replacement surgery on my left shoulder, he would evaluate the range of motion and whether or not we needed to go in and relieve some scar tissue. He said the arm will continue to improve for the 18 months, but after that things won’t get better without help. So at least I have a light at the end of this tunnel.  It has been really frustrating having no use of my right arm and semi-limited use of my left arm.

So, I have three more weeks of “weaning off” the sling. And in five weeks I go back to see them and get my next set of exercises.

All good news! Onward and upward!

Thanks for checking in.