Anyone who has more than scratched the surface of this blog knows that I live in Dallas. The greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex population is estimated to be somewhere around 6.5 million people. We’re a mixed bag of races and cultures with some areas of the city more predominantly one way than another. We have our share of big-city issues — pollution, traffic, homelessness, and, of course, crime.

So yesterday when I heard on the news about a woman’s body being found in a vehicle in one of our suburbs, it barely registered, except that I have a very sensitive nerve when it comes to violence against women and children.  (Murder is the second leading cause of death of women in the workplace, placing second to traffic incidents. Many of the murders and much of the violence is a result of domestic violence because husbands, lovers, and boyfriends know the woman will be at work.)

The suburb is not one of the more affluent, but it’s a nice area. The suburb is named Garland and for any of you who have ever watched “King of the Hill”, Harlan, Texas was loosely based on Garland. If you were thinking about where you would find a murdered woman, Garland wouldn’t be on the top of your list of likely locations.

They identified the body last night.

It was one of our employees.

She was a really sweet, hard working young woman with two children. Everyone in our building knew her. She had an incredibly generous spirit and was always doing something for someone in her family or here at work.

Today her body is at the medical examiner’s office showing the signs of violence visited upon it by the man who promised to love, honor, and cherish her.

I don’t have anything pithy to say. There are no quips about life being too short, or lessons learned, or wondering if she could have saved herself by getting out of the relationship. I am just incredibly sad about the loss of such a wonderful person, so terribly angry that domestic violence is common enough to have its own category, and so humbled at the uncertainty and brevity of life.