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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.
– Colin Powell

I won’t rehash the trials and tribulations of this weekend, but it included a front-page story regarding millions of dollars that is related to one of our customers that isn’t, but could be construed as, connected with my company. Sigh.

It also included shopping.

I hate to shop. My worst nightmare is having to shop for something on Christmas Eve.

I especially hate to shop for clothes because nothing fits my curvy body — if the shoulders fit, the bust doesn’t; if the waist fits, the hips don’t — and I get sticker shock every time I find nice clothes that I like. Besides with my ongoing bouts of hip and shoulder surgery, trying on clothes the last couple of years has been very difficult. So I’ve been wearing the same old, same old clothes for a couple of years now.

I finally got tired of it and told my husband we were going shopping over the weekend. And heaven knows I tried. I couldn’t even find a pair of shoes that would work and that’s never happened in the history of mankind.

Part of the problem is that I’ve put on weight, especially with three major surgeries in less than two years. So some of the things that might have worked a few pounds ago, don’t.

Always on the lookout for a miracle cure, I’ve been seeing these billboards around Dallas that promise you’ll lose 40 pounds in 40 days. I checked it out. Not only are there blogs about it, but there have been a couple of news casts. Turns out they inject you with a hormone made by pregnant women that revs up your metabolism — and they put you on a 500-calorie-per-day diet. Neither of which sound particularly healthy, although losing 40 pounds in just 40 days sounds wonderful. And apparently it has been quite successful for a number of people.

I’ve lost the weight before, so I know I can lose it again, and do it in a healthy, sensible manner. I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers because that program helps me keep on track and I can eat literally anything I want — so I have no cravings. And I’ve made a commitment to get SOME exercise, no matter how little, each and every day.

All I need is a little determination. To get that, all I need is a look in the dressing room mirror at Macy’s.

I’ll keep you posted on progress. Wish me luck!

Hope all your obstacles are easily overcome. Thanks for checking in.