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Tomorrow marks the two-year mark of starting this blog. Wow. I’ve never been one to keep diaries or journals so the fact that I’ve created 180 posts (including this one) and 10 pages over that time is a major accomplishment for me.

I guess I never kept diaries or journals because they seemed to be just one-way conversations. Thanks to the blogosphere, I’ve been able to connect with other people and hear their comments and encouragement. In fact, 232 comments have been posted here. Thanks to all of you for making this journey a richer one for me with your insight and encouragement.

It’s been quite a couple of years. I started this almost immediately after being diagnosed with seronegative RA. Since then I’ve been through four different treatment options (MTX, Humira, Simponi, and now Enbrel), a hip replacement, a shoulder replacement, rotator cuff surgery, and my husband’s triple bypass. I lost a friend to cancer and my best friend lost her husband to cancer, but won her own victory over breast cancer during this time.

It hasn’t been all bad. There have been some wonderful trips to London, Las Vegas, Montego Bay, and New York (and Seattle, too, but that was business). And I went from having my own consulting practice to being an employee. I haven’t decided which column that’s in, but it provides affordable health insurance, and that’s definitely a plus.

For those of you who have joined me on me on those adventures, thank you. I know that sharing these experiences has made my life better. I can’t imagine what the next two years will bring, but I hope to be here sharing whatever that is.

Thanks for checking in.