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I went to see my shoulder surgeon this morning for my second post-op follow up. We’re about 8 weeks out from rotator cuff and biceps surgery. I was originally supposed to get my first set of strengthening exercises today. However, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, I popped/pulled/tore something in my arm and it hasn’t been the same since.

They checked it and the biceps tendon has slipped down a bit from the original location where it was attached. There’s no real harm done, it just has to reheal in the new spot, but it’s going to be sore and aggravate me in the mean time.

So no new exercises and they put me on a course of prednisone to help calm down the inflammation in the area. I started to argue that prednisone was a deterrent to healing, but I immediately shut my mouth (for once in my life). The fact is, since the Enbrel may not be doing the job it once was, and I’m working 60-70 hour weeks, a little prednisone in my life could be a wonderful thing. What’s not wonderful is that I’m determined to maintain my 2-lbs a week average weight loss and our friend Mr. Prednisone hasn’t been known to help that. It’s only a six-day treatment, though, so hopefully I’ll make it through without too much disruption to the progress.

Anyway, I go back in a month and hopefully I’ll be back on track and continue on the road to recovery.

Thanks for checking in.