Here I am in Los Angeles. LA LA Land. Home of the fruits and nuts.

All of us tend to poke a bit of fun of other places and LA certainly leaves itself open for being poked. Even so, I’ve always found more similarities than differences between LA and Dallas. However, there are a few degrees of separation between the two cities.

Thirty degrees, in fact.

It’s thirty degrees cooler here (74) than it is in Dallas (104).

I’ve jokingly suggested to management that they leave me out here the next couple of weeks to finish up the project in person. Told them I’d even pay my own hotel bill because the hotel will be cheaper than my air conditioning in Dallas.

Seriously, the weather is beautiful and a welcome relief from the Dallas heat. I just wish the rest of traveling would be as simple. But sitting long hours on airplanes and in meetings, carting luggage around, and sleeping in a strange bed is really hard on my RA. Pressure changes are really rough on my joints (my theory of why thunderstorms bother me), so three hours each way in a pressurized airplane cabin causes a bit of havoc.

You know what would be great? You know how you take your shampoo (or whatever) in those little travel-size bottles? It would be really great if you could just take a travel size portion of RA with you when you travelled. “Sorry, RA. No room in the suitcase for all pain and swelling and fatigue. Just going to pack a small bottle of the occasional twinges with me this time.” I might become a professional traveller.

The worst part is that tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I’m going to miss the whole thing. I don’t even get home until after midnight. He’s being a great sport about it though, so it’ll all work out.

I hope wherever your travels take you — around the world or around the block — that your trip is filled with adventures of the best kind.

Thanks for checking in.