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That’s what I told my husband when I agreed to marry him — that he might not always be happy but, by God, he’d never be bored being married to me.

That’s also what I told my boss when I gave up over a decade of consulting to work for him as an employee.

Right now I could stand a little boredom in my life. I commented recently that if I could find just one thing in my day to love, it would be a good thing. Lately, even that’s been difficult.

Yesterday started out with a bad appointment at the dentist (the porcelain on my new crown broke when he was polishing it, so now I have yet another dentist appointment), and ended with reporters calling me. Any communications person worth their salt will tell you that it’s a good thing when you call reporters, but hardly ever a good thing when reporters call you. One piece of fallout though, was that one of my major projects due in the next few days got taken off the table. And while that’s not necessarily a good thing, I’m glad that I’m not looking at yet another 60 hour week.

Today it’s raining for the first time since I can’t remember when. It’s going to be 10 degrees cooler — only 97 instead of 107. But still a blessed relief to the heat-ravaged area. And that’s 10 degrees that my air conditioner doesn’t have to counteract, so yes I’m grateful. Except that it took me an extra 30 minutes to drive in to work this morning and like many of you with RA, changing weather wreaks havoc with my joints. (Is anything ever “wreaked” other than havoc?)

I guess there is some good news. I reported last week that my appointment with the shoulder surgeon went well and I’m back on track with healing up from rotator cuff surgery. I saw my rheumatologist on Monday. Thank goodness for digital cameras. On Friday night my knee looked like it swallowed a grapefruit and I was able to take a picture of it with me to the doc’s on Monday to show her — because of course, it looked perfectly normal by Monday morning. No changes to the regimen at this point, but it’s obvious the Enbrel hasn’t quite kicked back in after being off for surgery. We took labs and the neatest thing — Quest Diagnostics — which is the lab my rheumy uses — has a program where you can get your lab results on line. You have to sign up and the doctor has to approve, but what a great thing to not have to sit around and wait for an overworked staff member to call you with your results.

And hopefully after my “final” dentist appointment on Friday, I’ll be out of the doctor business for a while.

Like I said, I may not have always been happy these last few days, I’ve certainly not been bored.

Hope your day brings balance to your life. Thanks for checking in.