I feel like one of those water boarding victims that every so often gets the opportunity for a gasp of air. It’s just nuts and the hits keep on coming. It’s typically like this the last 3-4 months of the year when prospective customers attempt to get all their procurement done in this year’s dollars.

I haven’t been feeling great, which hasn’t helped the productivity. Last week the remnants of Hurricane Hermine spawned tornadoes in Dallas and did an equally fearsome job of rendering my joints into islands of pain throughout my body. Finally the weather let up and that helped, although I went clothes shopping over the weekend and the act of trying on clothes, especially pulling things over my head, as well as walking around the mall for an hour, was almost more than I could accomplish.

To add insult to injury, my right eyelid occasionally swells to the point I can barely open it, and it pulled that trick both days over the weekend. My eye is fine — not red or irritated, but the eyelid looks like a water balloon. I haven’t figured it out. I’ve tried taking allergy meds and decongestants, and have finally taken to [carefully] applying cortisone cream on it, which seems to help, along with cold compresses. This morning it’s almost back to normal, at least to the point that people aren’t asking me if I had a rough weekend.

The anniversary of 9/11 was this weekend. Where was I? I was in home alone in Dallas, having flown in from Miami ahead of my husband who stayed an extra day (9/11) for a job meeting. My nephew was at the World Trade Center. The good news is both my nephew and my husband both got home okay (driving for days), although neither will ever forget those days.

Nothing else new to report. Work, eat, take Enbrel and Tylenol. Repeat as necessary.

Hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks for checking in.