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Not sure if I mentioned it, but my right (titanium) hip has been bothering me since I had shoulder surgery in April.

Weird, right?

I mean, I woke up out of recovery and the first thing I felt was how badly my hip hurt. Shoulder surgery is some of the most painful surgery around and I wake up complaining about my hip.

I figured they must have somehow twisted me moving me around during the process, assumed it was a stretched muscle or something, and have been going along with life.  However, after multiple months of continued pain when I lift my leg (going up stairs, getting up and down from chairs, getting in and out of cars, turning over certain ways in bed), I asked my shoulder doctor what they did to me. He had no clue and suggested that if it continued, I should see my hip doc.

Last weekend I was walking around the mall — nothing special or arduous, just a bit of shopping and I started limping. So I called and made an appointment. Which brings us to today.

The really great news is that everything looks super on the X-ray. It’s a picture of a perfectly terrific hip replacement. The bad news is the situation has my hip doc puzzled as well. He can’t figure out what’s going on, either. One weird thing is that it hurts when he lifts my leg, i.e., passive movement, which makes him think that it might be something other than the joint or surrounding muscles — such as a hernia. (How I could get a hernia during shoulder surgery, I haven’t a clue.)

We’re starting with the most obvious answer that it’s some stretched muscles that just haven’t healed yet and the doc has put me back on Celebrex for three weeks to hopefully help things along. (Just after I just weaned myself off the drug after more than two years of NSAIDs.) If it doesn’t help after three weeks, then I have a prescription for a steroid taper to take in addition to the Celebrex. Of course, the Celebrex means I get to take Protonix to protect my stomach as well. Sigh. 

If it works, I’ll be happy. And if it doesn’t, well, I’ll worry about that then.

Hope things are going according to plan in your life. Thanks for checking in.