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I posted last week about my unresolved hip problem and how my orthopedic surgeon recommended I temporarily go back on Celebrex (after I have worked so hard to get off of it).

Well, Saturday morning I took my first Celebrex in several months and then proceeded to have one of the busiest days on my feet that I have had in quite a while. We were having neighbors over for dinner (more about that coming up in a future post), so I spent 1.5 hours at the grocery story, 1/2 hour at the wine shop, and most of the rest of the day prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Normally I would have been exhausted and in pretty bad pain from my lower back all the way down to the bottom of my feet.

Didn’t happen.

I felt great. And guess what? My hip didn’t hurt when I flexed it.The neighbors didn’t leave until after midnight and I was still feeling really well when we said goodnight.

Sunday morning I got up, took my second Celebrex, did the rest of my weekly grocery shopping and a week’s worth of laundry, still felt great and had no problems with my hip.

This morning when I woke up, I felt that old familiar pang in my hip and thought, “Uh-oh, too good to be true.” I took my third Celebrex and have done great all day.

It occurred to me sometime during the last few days that I stopped the Celebrex the same time I stopped Enbrel for my rotator cuff surgery. I restarted the Enbrel, but I didn’t restart the Celebrex. And since I’ve been back on Enbrel these last few months I haven’t felt like it’s ever completely kicked back in after being off of it. I think the difference is — not the Enbrel — but the fact that I haven’t been taking the Celebrex with it. (Well, duh!)

I honestly don’t want to be on NSAIDs for the rest of my life. But it’s close to miraculous how much better I’ve felt the last few days being on them. And without the additional pain, I’m able to better handle all the pressures and long hours at work with a much better attitude.

I’m a bit embarrassed that if I had just thought about it, I would have realized that Celebrex was the missing ingredient. Like I said, sometimes you’ve already got the answer. All you have to do is just look a little harder for it.

Hope whatever problems you have in your life are just as easily and successfully solved.

Thanks for checking in.