I am an advocate for change. Sometimes I’m even an advocate for change just for change’s sake because it brings a new perspective to a situation.

However, I’ve realized that I’m also very much a disposer.

All of us have our own beliefs as to what comes after this life. Regardless of what my particular beliefs on the subject are, I do believe that I was given THIS life to do the best I can. So if I deal with a situation, and deal with a situation, and deal with a situation, and still can’t get it to work, I dispose of it and move on to some other solution. Hair styles, apartments, cars, jobs, even husbands have gone by the wayside because I have spent all the reasonable time and effort I can to resolve the situation.

I want disposable RA. 

(Previously I only wanted travel-size RA, but I’ve even had it with that.)

I’ve had more pain and aggravation from this situation than I ever had from the aforementioned hairstyles, apartments, jobs, cars, and yes, even husbands, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being tired, waking up in pain, taking expensive drugs with heaven knows what side effects, and all the other baggage that comes with having this disease. I’m ready to make a change and go back to life BRA (before RA).

So any of you who have successfully figured out how to dispose of this situation (in an environmentally friendly way, of course), please leave a comment.

Thanks for checking in.