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I haven’t been getting the answers I wanted lately.

I posted earlier [here] that I had thought I’d found the answer to the pain in my right (replaced) hip when my orthopedic surgeon started me back on Celebrex. It made an amazing difference.

For about three days.

It’s still helping, but I continue to have the pain, especially if I walk very far on a hard surface. I’m winding up my third week of Celebrex, so next week I’m supposed to add a steroid taper to see if that helps. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s some strained muscle or tendon rather than in the actual joint, so I think it’s just going to have to get well. Hopefully the Celebrex and steroids will help move it along.

The other answer I got today at my shoulder doctor’s office.

It’s been 18 months since I had my shoulder replaced and really the only problem I’ve had is that I don’t have the full range of motion I think I should. I can do anything at or below shoulder height, I just can’t raise my arm. The only option I have (since I’ve already been through PT and injections and then more PT) is surgery to relieve the scar tissue. Even then it’s only going to make a bit of a difference. So I’m thinking about it. If I’m going to have it done, I’d like to do it sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I have it on this year’s insurance /deductible / co-pay rather than next year’s which will no doubt be higher. It’s day surgery and I won’t even have to wear a sling, so probably a day for the surgery and a day at home then back to the grind.

On the good side of things, I slipped off to Vegas last weekend to help my brother celebrate his birthday. We basically just got to see each other over dinner, but it was really good to see him (and the food was wonderful). I didn’t even really unpack when I got home. I have to go to New York on business the end of this week, then to Memphis for a family wedding next weekend.

In between, I’m working 60 hours weeks for a while.

I hope whatever adventures you have planned in your life are fun.

Thanks for checking in.