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I’ve never really experimented with recreational drugs (and if I did, I sure as heck wouldn’t admit it in a public blog). But I will tell you that they would make me feel as good as prednisone does, I might think about it.

In an effort to effect a cure of whatever is ailing my right (replaced) hip, you will remember that my doctor put me back on Celebrex. The deal was that if, after three weeks, it wasn’t “cured”, I was to add a prednisone taper — which I started on Saturday morning.

Wow. Me on steroids. How scary is that?

After coming back late from Newark on Friday, I worked most of the day Saturday, then went for dinner and a movie with my husband. Sunday I spent over an hour shopping and almost another hour putting away groceries, then spent the rest of the day making three pots of soup (chicken minestrone; fennel, Italian sausage, and cannellini bean; and another batch of killer red chili), plus a batch of apple compote — all from scratch, plus did a half-dozen loads of laundry. I also balanced my checkbook and paid bills as well as unpacked from the trip. I have 24 meals of various kinds of homemade soup put up in my freezer.

It’s the drugs talking, trust me.

But I remember in the midst of fragrant herbs and steaming pots of soup on Sunday thinking that I remember when I felt like this all the time. Nothing hurt and I had all the energy in the world.

Because of the drug, all kinds of things are clearing up. My swollen eye lid that has never quite gone down is about back to normal, this weird bump that popped up is popping back down, and yes, even my hip doesn’t bother me quite as much.

But like all drugs, prednisone has its dark side, and as much as I love the prednisone super powers, I hate the potential price you pay in side effects. A prednisone taper is nice once in a while to get things back on an even keel, but it scares me to think that one day my rheumatologist is going to want to “supplement” my Enbrel with an ongoing dose of the drug. And while I’m not interested, my occasional flirtation with the drug helps me understand how others can be seduced by this and even other, more insidious drugs.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my temporary super powers (and hope the heck it fixes my hip)!

Hope the things that come your way today are super as well.

Thanks for checking in.