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Who knew I was related to such fun people?

Spent Sat-Sun in Memphis attending a family wedding. My almost-youngest nephew got married to a gorgeous and very gracious young woman. And as they say about weddings and funerals, I got to see members of my family I haven’t seen in years. Besides my step-sister (mother of the groom) and step-brother and their spouses, I got to spend time with four of my six nephews and one of my two nieces. I made my nephews dance with me and they didn’t even act embarrassed (bless their hearts!). My nieces and nephews have all grown up to be really great people and it’s nice to be around them and be reminded that even though there were times we didn’t think they’d make it to adulthood, that sometimes things (and people) do turn out okay.

Besides the wedding, we indulged in some great blues and even better BBQ at BB King’s place on Beale Street and I had really indulged for Sunday morning breakfast and had homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. Back on the diet today.

Our flight from Memphis got back around 4:00 pm, right about the same time that our neighbors were supposed to leave for their European trip, so we wandered down to their gate to surprise them and  wish them a Bon Voyage. We first told them that we’d booked the same trip and it took them a minute to figure out we were only joking. But we did get them into the Admiral’s Club and buy them a fly-away cocktail before they got on their 8-hour flight.

Today it’s back to the grind. Between now and Thanksgiving, it’s going to be long days and working weekends. There’s just a lot to get done between now and then.

I’ve scheduled the remedial surgery on my left (replaced) shoulder for December 15. That’s midway between the London Thanksgiving trip and the Las Vegas Christmas trip. The surgeon said there would be incremental improvement in the range of movement — not lots, but some. “Some” is better than what I have and it’s not going to improve on its own, so if I’m going to do it, getting it done on this year’s insurance deductible is a good thing.

Other than being overworked, things are good. I woke up this morning with both my knees complaining, but I suspect they’re complaining about the dancing I did in 3″ heels Saturday night, or maybe the impending cold front coming through Dallas, rather than a real flare (I hope).

Finally, I go back to see my hip doctor on Wednesday. The Celebrex and the prednisone treatment didn’t cure the hip issue, but it is better, so I’m going to suggest we just leave it well enough alone and see if it doesn’t continue to heal. It’s not bothering me enough to do all the MRI’s and diagnostics to see if something really is wrong besides a pulled muscle, which is what I suspect it is. If it’s not better by the first of the year, or it starts bothering me more, then we’ll take the next steps.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checking in.