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You know how you take your car in for a regular check up or an inspection, then a day later things start to go wrong. I always suspected that it was either lazy mechanics that didn’t get things put back the way they should or devious ones that “broke” things while they were there so they could charge you for the repairs. (Me, cynical?)

So yesterday I went back to my hip orthopedic surgeon to follow up on the pain in my right hip. The Celebrex and Prednisone helped and he and I agreed to just let it continue to heal on its own and unless something else came up, go back to my two-year follow-up visits.

So this morning I woke up and my left hip is killing me. It hurts and it’s a bit “wobbly” (those of you who read Wren’s blog will recognize the symptoms).  It’s not the “inside” joint pain, it’s the outside IT-band, bursitis, boy-a-steroid-injection-would really-help kind of pain. Why it couldn’t have shown up yesterday when I was already in the doctor’s office, I don’t know.

What’s a bit scary is this is exactly how the problems with my left hip started (that eventually led to the replacement). I don’t quite have dysplasia, but my hip “sockets” are noticeably more shallow than the norm. You add in some inflammation and pretty soon the joint starts articulating differently and you get wear and tear.

So I’m working on some stretches that can help and considering going back on Celebrex for a week or so to see if it calms down on its own.


As my husband says, you can only wash one elephant at a time.

Hope things are good in your life. Thanks for checking in.