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This morning, in the context of an email about another subject, a co-worker commented that he completed a full marathon last week. I sent back a congratulatory note, but had to stop myself from adding, “… I envy your ability to run because I can’t anymore.”

It’s hard not to miss the things I used to do and be a bit envious of those who can¬†still do them with ease. Because of that, it’s also hard not to express that in conversation. I have to remind myself that not all conversations are about me or my disease, and that the real/right thing is to be genuinely happy for and celebrate with those people who can.¬† They don’t need their feelings of accomplishments diminished by my feelings of inability.

There’s an old prayer (that I’ve probably posted here before): Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder — and your hand over my mouth.

Thanks for checking in.