I’ve gotten several well wishes for feeling better soon – which actually had me puzzled until I went back and read my recent posts. It seems like I’ve often mentioned a new ache or pain or symptom.

First, thank you for the well wishes and concern for my well-being. Overall, I’m doing fine. I think I post my complaints here because (1) it’s a place to record them and (2) I know people who read this blog either understand what I’m going through and/or care about the situation.

Yes, I hurt every day. And yes, I continue to experience the effects of inflammation on my joints and other parts of my body. I also work 60-70 hours a week and am planning trips to London, Las Vegas, and Jamaica. So the disease hasn’t slowed me down 100% (yet).

There is no question that I am uncomfortable, and sometimes beyond uncomfortable. But I also feel blessed that unlike many people with the disease, with medication, the discomfort and damage are currently at a level where I can largely ignore it. It’s kind of like watching rising water inch closer to the top of a dam. I mark new symptoms, new pains, more joint damage, that, while minor at the moment, inch me closer to the point where I can’t ignore it.

And while minor, each new symptom is a bit scary. When one pops up, you never know if it’s going to get better or whether it’s just the first sign of something much worse. It helps to share.

So thank you for listening and especially for caring. I may be down (occasionally), but I’m a ways from being out.

Thanks for checking in.