A large part of my job is responding to requests for proposals for multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts, which is what I should be doing right now insteading of posting to my blog. These proposals have a hard deadline and missing them means that your company won’t be considered for the opportunity. As we get closer to the deadline, there’s always a scramble to get everything done. There is invariably a section that could be written better, a graphic that needs adjusting, pricing that needs additional review or input. But eventually, the deadline arrives and the proposal has to be delivered. You never run out of things to do, you just run out of time to do them. You gotta go with whatcha got and hope that “whatcha got” is better than the next guy’s and you win the job.

My whole life is like that right now. I’ve been so consumed on getting multiple of these projects out that I’m leaving for London tomorrow for a week and I’m not packed. Well, I have my Kendall and charger, my meds, and one plastic cup in my suitcase.  I figure if that (along with my credit card) is all I have when I get on the plane tomorrow, I’ll make it happen. (Fortunately, the great shops on Oxford Street are just a short hop on the #25 bus from our hotel and there are grocery/drug stores right around the corner.)

Right now, a lot of you planning Thanksgiving dinner know the feeling. It seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done. But somehow, dinner gets put on the table, the friends and family feast like there is no tomorrow, and it all works out.

Days with RA are a lot like that. Sometimes you hurt and sometimes the fatigue sets in, but you know what? You still gotta go with whatcha got and if that means some days aren’t 100%, then you get through it and count your blessings for the days that are better.

Here’s hoping that whatcha got is a boatload of blessings for this Thanksgiving for you and yours. I’m offline until I return from the trip next week.

Thanks for checking in.