Tomorrow. Somehow I don’t feel like breaking out into the classic title song from Annie. Although the sun will definitely be out in Dallas tomorrow.  After the visit to London, I’ve been yearning for winter weather and it’s going to be 72 and sunny tomorrow.

But I digress.

This surgery, to relieve scar tissue from my earlier shoulder replacement and hopefully gain some additional range of motion in that arm, has been on the calendar for so long that I can’t even remember when I scheduled it. And between crazy work schedules and the Thanksgiving trip to London, I haven’t really thought much about it since then.

Tomorrow, hmmm. Guess I ought to get ready, huh?

Usually by now I’d have spent hours analyzing what I needed to get through recovery and have everything lined up — especially for shoulder surgery which can really put a damper on day-to-day activities like getting dressed in the morning and driving.

Nada. Zip. Nothing.

I may be naive here, but the whole goal of this surgery is to increase motion, not to restrict it. I shouldn’t even be in a sling. In fact, my understanding is the more I can comfortably move my arm afterward, the better to keep the scar tissue from reforming. So I’m unless I’m wracked by unforeseen agonizing pain afterward, I’m thinking this is going to be pretty simple.

The one pause for cause I see is that, rather than doing this with the arthroscope, I’ll have an incision similar to the one I had when they replaced the shoulder. (Those of you, like me, with morbid curiosity can see a picture here https://carlascorner.wordpress.com/shoulder-surgery-pics/. ) Normally you get stitches out after a week, but hey, I’m going to Las Vegas next week for Christmas, so not sure how all this is going to work into my schedule.

The good news is that I’m supposed to be at the surgical center at 6:00 am (yawn!), so I don’t have to sit around and wait — which is miserable. I expect to be home by noon. 

Whether I’m ready or not, the day is upon me. I’ll post an update at some point afterward (hopefully when I’m lucid and not still under anesthesia…).

Thanks for checking in.