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Well, four days after surgery and I’m happy to report that I’m doing great. I’m making progress every day with the exercises, gaining a bit more range of motion every day.  I don’t know that I’ll ever get full range back, but I’m quite optimistic that this will be a definitive improvement. I start physical therapy tomorrow (Monday) and have two sessions before I leave for Christmas.

If there is any disappointment at all, it’s that I won’t get my stitches out until the Monday after Christmas, so I have to deal with keeping the dressing dry, etc. while on our Christmas trip. At least the surgeon didn’t use staples, so I don’t have to explain THAT to Homeland Security.

Pain hasn’t been a factor. I took a Percocet the first two nights after surgery just to make sure I’d rest well, but after that I’ve just taken a few Tylenol here and there.

So all in all, things are good. Recovery is going well, and I think it will result in more mobility that I’d originally dared hope.

I couldn’t ask for a better holiday present.

Hope your holiday is filled with good things as well. Thanks for checking in.