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So last night I went for my first physical therapy session since surgery. The therapist I have been to in the past had changed his schedule and it no longer worked with mine, so now I have a new physical terrorist.

I think I like her — mainly because I believe she knows what she’s doing. It’s sure not her sense of humor which is somewhat drier than the Great Gobi Desert.

She meticulously went through my medical history and the reason I’d been prescribed therapy, then did a careful baseline measurement of my right arm/shoulder before assessing my left arm. She indicated she was going to request my surgical records so she could see exactly which tissues were affected. No doubt the better to ply her laser-like focus on the exact muscle fibers that need attention. You could almost see the stream of data flash across her eyes as she measured, stretched, poked, and rotated my appendages. (I would have hated to have been a test rat in her laboratory.)

Then she set about stretching my shoulder before assigning me seven stretching exercises to do at home. Each one was introduced with “This is where you are .. this is what the goal is..” (Ve haf vays of making you flexible…)

One of my “homework” assignments was to take pictures of my desk/work space both with me and without me seated in the picture so she can assess what changes I need to make.

Two hours and an amazing amount of pain later, I wasn’t sure whether I hated her or loved her. But one thing I am sure about, she has a plan that, if followed correctly, will no doubt help me regain the greatest range of motion possible. (Lord, help me.)

I see her again this evening, then leave tomorrow for Christmas vacation. It will be a bit difficult to keep up the exercises while traveling, but I am taking my equipment with me, so at least I have good intentions.

Next Monday I both get my stitches out (in the morning) and have another session with her (in the afternoon). I am hopeful that getting the stitches out will make all this exertion more comfortable. Actually, I’m hoping that SOMETHING, ANYTHING will make the exertion more comfortable. (I’m taking a couple of Tylenol before tonight’s session to see if that doesn’t help.)

In the mean time, this will be my last post before Christmas, so to each and everyone: All the best for a warm, safe, joyful, and healthy holiday.

Until later, thanks for checking in.