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Back from the Christmas trip and I can’t think of one that went more smoothly or that we enjoyed more. Everything went like clockwork: airport lines were short, got the first-class upgrades on the flights, terrific hotel room, wonderful meals — couldn’t ask for anything better.

I guess if there was any fly in the ointment, it’s that I still have these stitches in left over from surgery. That meant that I couldn’t indulge in a massage or even the spa area since I have to keep the area dry until tomorrow. But that’s a moot point compared to all the things that went right.

We did get the opportunity to explore the new Cosmopolitan casino/resort/hotel. Absolutely amazing. I think I’ve discovered my new favorite Las Vegas spot. It’s incredibly gorgeous. If you have a trip to Las Vegas coming up anytime, take my recommendation and check it out. Definitely where I’m staying next time.

We had our traditional Christmas lunch at Zefferino’s in the Venetian. They do a buffet that’s incredible. They do an amazing spread PLUS all the langostino/lobsters and shrimp you can eat. (Yum!)

Afterward, we were walking off our lunch wandering around the shops and for some reason, we got the idea that we were running late for the plane. You’d think we were a couple of doofuses that never traveled to a different time zone. Anyway, we wound up at the airport almost two hours early, laughing ourselves silly for not figuring it out. As luck would have it, there was a flight leaving for Dallas from the next gate with a couple of seats available, so we were able to get home a bit earlier, which was a good thing.

All things considered, a wonderful trip. I hope that your Christmas was as blessed and happy as mine.

Thanks for checking in.