Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy says he took his super-hero alter ego because it was exactly opposite of how he felt.

I have absolutely no zip. So trying to figure out what the opposite of zip is, I figured that zip spelled backwards is piz, so I guess that makes me pizzed off.

Can’t exactly figure out what’s going on. I think it’s because it’s raining in Dallas and cool rainy weather has this effect on me. We’ve been in a drought so it’s been so long since I’ve been in the rain, I’d almost forgotten the weather-forecasting ability of my RA. It’s also potentially because I am just now getting started back on my Enbrel after surgery. Or maybe it’s a flare. Or maybe it’s all of the above. I don’t really know what’s causing it, I only know how I feel.

I read a lot of posts where the people are in search of a diagnosis. I understand that’s important. In many instances it’s critical because without knowing exactly what the issue is, you can’t treat it.

My attitude is a bit different. I just want to know how to relieve the symptoms. I’m not convinced that I have “seronegative rheumatoid variatal types of arthritis with features of undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy, lumbar type.” But I do know that the symptoms I have can be treated with the drugs that treat RA. I guess I could spend years searching for a real diagnosis, or I could just get on with my life and treat the symptoms.

Right now, treating my symptoms would include lollygagging around the warm house reading a good book, watching old movies, and taking naps. Unfortunately, I’m chugging away at the office — all pizzed off.

Hope your day and the rest of the holiday season brings you health and comfort.

Thanks for checking in.