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Went this morning for my post-op follow-up on my left shoulder. Everything is good. But I have been having pain and weakness in my right shoulder. I told my doctor (and his assistant) that I’d really like them to order an MRI. The point was, I wanted to find out what was wrong. It’s been hurting more than it did when I had rotator cuff repair last spring. Note that I wanted a diagnosis, not treatment.

Well, I got both.

I’ve been diagnosed (at this point) with bursitis in the right shoulder (while still trying to heal up my left one). They injected my shoulder in three separate spots.

Steroid shots are miraculous when they work, but (to me anyway) they hurt like the blazes when you get them. And when your shoulder is sore and tender to begin with, it doesn’t help.

Tomorrow I go see my PCP re: my elevated blood pressure. Can’t wait to find out about that one. At least I doubt that he’ll poke me with anything sharp.


Thanks for letting me whine, and for checking in with me.