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For a lot of us, there is a gap between what we know and what we do. I know that all the things that ail me — high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, RA, etc. etc. etc. could be greatly improved with exercise.

What have I done about it?

Well, a couple of years ago I joined a health club.  Then I found out you actually had to go work out at the health club to do any good. Joining only served to reduce your cash flow, not your waistline.

I had a treadmill at home which I used sporadically, but which increasingly bothered my joints. My husband hated it because he was used to the more professional models at his rehab center. So it became the proverbial clothes rack in the spare room.

True to tradition, I made [yet another] New Year’s resolution to be more active, to work on my diet, and to improve my health.

And let me first preface this with the fact that I am not a shopper.  I will go for months without spending a dime on anything but groceries and prescriptions. No clothes, nothing for the house, no jewelry, books, electronics, nothing. But once I get the idea that I actually need something, well, I do a heck of a job.

I first found a good home for the treadmill as well as the king size bed and end tables in that room, which cleared the space for my new recumbent bike and my Wii Fit Plus.

My previous office had a health club, so I know from experience that I will actually use a recumbent bike, and I’ve wanted a Wii ever since they were introduced a few years ago. I like working out in class and the Wii Fit seemed like the perfect answer to have an exercise class that accommodated my schedule, rather than the other way around.

Does this sound like I’m throwing money at the problem?

Wait, it gets worse.

My husband, whom I suspect is a television addict, decided the small TV we had in the room wasn’t big enough for the Wii, so I now also have a new, large flat-screen television for my Wii to talk to. (He’s right, the larger TV is a lot better.)

I have now run out of excuses. Everything is set up. I haven’t read the instruction manual on my recumbent bike, so I really haven’t tried it yet (I’ve only had it 48 hours), but I love the Wii Fit. Instead of coming home and relaxing with a video game in the evening, I’m up on my balance board being active. So maybe this will work. [Hint: if you buy the Wii Fit from Wal-Mart online and have it shipped to your local store, you can get a bundled package that will save you about $50.]

I’m hopeful that I will actually get in better shape, but regardless, I’ve certainly given the economy a healthy start for the new year.

Here’s hoping that 2011 brings you health and happiness as well.

Thanks for checking in.