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So, it’s Friday afternoon before the long MLK holiday weekend. Projects are done, deadlines are met, too late in the day to start on anything really substantial. I’m even letting my staff leave a bit early and get a head start on the long weekend. (Makes me feel less guilty when I ask them to work late.)

I realized that I hadn’t updated after my trip to my PCP re: blood pressure issues.

Bottom line is, we’re in a monitor mode until I go in again for my annual check up in a couple of weeks. He did increase the diuretic from the 2-3 times a week I had been taking it to 5x a week (Mon-Fri), and that seems to have made a difference. While I’ve still experienced some “scary” readings, they are fewer and further between and the “okay” readings are better. I don’t like being in more meds, but I also don’t want to be afraid that I’m going to [literally] blow a gasket and fall over with a stroke.

The steroid shot for my shoulder seems to improved things. There are still some ways that I use my arm that send searing pain bolts through my shoulder, so I suspect that I’ve torn my rotator cuff again, but hopefully I’ve only aggravated it. At this point I can sleep on it and not wake up because it hurts and that is a major improvement.

I go see the rheumatologist on Monday. Not sure what to tell her. Over the holidays I was having a rough time. Things like getting in and out of the car, getting dressed, etc. were all very difficult and painful. Now that I’ve been back on Enbrel for a while, things are starting to improve. I suspect that the steroid shot in my shoulder had a trickle-down effect to the rest of me as well, because I’ve felt a significant all-over improvement since the injection.

And by the way, the Wii is kicking my butt. It’s embarrassing that something that any 9-year old can master in a matter of a few clicks has got me so befuddled. I guess I’m not as coordinated as I have given myself credit for. However, I know that all it takes is practice and that’s half the battle of keeping me trying. If it were too easy, I’d be bored. This weekend I plan to actually read the instruction book on my new recumbent stationary bike and get everything adjusted so I can start using it as well.

So things, for a change, are pretty calm in my world. I know that this calm won’t last, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

I hope whatever the weekend has in store for you brings you a smile. Thanks for checking in.