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I had yesterday off because of the MLK holiday (only had to work a couple of hours from home), so I had time to finally catch up reading some of the blogs I frequent. I feel a bit guilty because it seems like lot of people are having real issues, and (at the moment) I am actually doing quite well.

I saw my rheumatologist yesterday. Everything’s looking good. She’s leaving me on the Enbrel, but she keeps trying to get me to take a stronger pain reliever, which I am resisting. She finally got me to agree to take Tylenol (which is all I take until/unless the pain gets so bad I can’t get out of bed), on a more regular basis. I generally take some in the morning then usually another dose at night. She pointed out the many benefits of structured pain management, so I agreed to work on it and take an afternoon dose with my afternoon Evoxac (which I take for Sjogrens). I promptly forgot it today, even though I have an alarm set for the Evoxac on my phone. At any rate, she pointed out that pain can elevate blood pressure and that taking a regimen of pain relief will not only make me feel better, it will very probably pay benefits in reducing my blood pressure issues as well.

The only concern I have about Tylenol is the added hazard of potential liver damage if you drink (which I do). In fact, I’m currently deep in research in trying to create the perfect pear martini recipe. I’m having challenges because, while you can find Pear Vodka all over town, pear nectar is darned hard to find.

The blood pressure issues have, I’m pleased to say, calmed down with the increased dosage of the diuretic. It’s been boringly normal the last couple of times I’ve taken it.

I did, in fact, read the owners’ manual for my new recumbent bike and now really appreciate the whiz-bang features it has. My first computer didn’t do as much as this bike does.

I’ve also been doing a bit of Wii butt-kicking instead of the other way around. One of the features I like about the Wii Fit Plus is that there is a range of both yoga and strength exercises from which you can build your own routine. You have a “trainer” that works out with you and leads you through them. As there are a number of exercises I can’t/shouldn’t do because of either my hip or shoulder replacement, this is much better for me than trying to attend a class where I couldn’t participate as much.

My husband has been inspired and between the two of us, we’ve rearranged the Wii room, moving in some chairs where we can play games instead of just exercising, and getting the recumbent bike positioned, and the bench uncluttered so I can actually do my shoulder exercises instead of just complaining about them.

Remarkably, I’ve been getting in 30+ minutes of exercise over the last several days: some warm up Wii games followed by some aerobics (either the step routines or a run) followed by the yoga routine.

I’m confident all this will be good for me, although now I have to decide whether the aches and pains are from exercising or from RA. Either way, the Tylenol will help, so it all ought to work out.

That’s all I know for now. Hope that those of you who haven’t had such an easy time find your burdens and your pains eased.

Thanks for checking in.