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I’ve been a bit quiet lately and it’s because of a lack of anything really interesting to write about. I’m not feeling particularly pithy so no luck on an intriguing philosophical post, and life in general has been quiet — which is a good thing.

Work, which slammed me right up until the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve has been blissfully, deceptively quiet the last few weeks. However, that’s about to change with the influx of some new projects and demanding deadlines.

My health has been a bit up and down like the Texas weather. Last week was ice, this week is 70 degrees and sunshine.

I’ve been endeavoring to be good on my exercise program, but exercise aggravates the mysterious pain in my right hip as well as the bursitis in my left hip, so I’m trying to achieve a balance there. (Not to mention I’ve gained 3 pounds since I started working out!)

I’ve also noticed that since being off Enbrel this last December for shoulder surgery, that it doesn’t seem to last quite as long. I take my injections on Wednesday evenings, do pretty good through the weekend, but have found that by Monday morning I have problems climbing the stairs to my office. I just saw my rheumatologist so I need to decide if am going to call for an early follow-up visit or wait for a couple of months when I see her again. (Probably wait and see if this trend continues or improves over time. I don’t want more drugs or even a change in what I’m using, which is probably what would happen if I went to see her.)

This Friday is my annual physical with my PCP, so I’m madly trying to lose 15 and make sure my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are within range. (Wish me luck on that one!)

In general, things are busy but calm, so I’m counting my blessings.

Hope this Valentine’s Day is filled with blessings for you as well.

Thanks for checking in.