If you don’t recognize the headline, it’s the plotline for a television program that I’ve come to enjoy called, Being Human.  I used to watch the BBC version occasionally but it wasn’t until the American version debuted on the SciFi channel that I really became a fan.

The premise is that a werewolf and a vampire discover each other working at the same hospital and rent a house together. Turns out that the house is already occupied by the ghost of the dead fiancée of their landlord who died falling down the stairs in the house. The werewolf and the vampire are trying to lead as normal human lives as they possibly can while dealing with being so dauntingly different. It is this struggle and frailty (along with interesting scripts and a really sexy vampire) that keep me coming back for more.

I think we’ve all pretended to be something more than what we are — taken a job when we weren’t sure we qualified , fluffed our images on social networking sites, lied about our ages.  But having RA is a whole lot like the characters in the show. Most of us, on a day-to-day basis, go about life as if we don’t have a disease. But it’s when the disease takes over — much like the werewolf’s full moon or the vampire’s blood lust — that the truth comes out. We are in class of ourselves. And like the werewolf and the vampire, none of us asked for this.

But one of the things that I like most about the show is its ability to laugh at life (or lack thereof). In dealing with trying to be human, the characters clearly demonstrate the comedy of the human condition. Just like I can’t help but laugh at myself when I get down to clean out a bottom cabinet and can’t get up again.

What else are you going to do but laugh? After all, we’re only human.

I hope your day is filled with humanity at its best. Thanks for checking in.