If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you probably know my husband is an architect. He travels all over to job sites and carries all kinds of stuff with him — rolls of drawings, cameras, tape measures, and other gadgets he needs at the site. One particular gizmo is about 3′ long and is basically a super digital level that lets him measure the slope of ramps, sidewalks, parking spaces, etc. for ADA compliance.

I asked him how he managed to get it through airport security and not have to check it as baggage. He told me what the airport security people told him ….

(Wait for it ….)

They said if his tool is more than 8 inches long, it’s not a weapon, it’s an instrument.

And in the words of generations of high-spirited Texas women before me, “Yeah, boy, howdy!”

(At least homeland security got something right!)

Hope your day is filled with unexpected gems of laughter. Thanks for checking in.