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Finally over the crud. I stayed home in bed last week Monday and Tuesday, went back to work Wednesday and Thursday (although my voice sounded like something out of a 1950’s horror movie). I made it until noon Friday, then went home and back to bed, only to get a call from the office to help manage another fire drill from a customer.

By Saturday I was definitely on the mend. In fact I felt really good for the first time in over a week, so of course I completely overdid myself on the weekend.

I haven’t been clothes shopping for more than two years. (I was going to lose some weight first, the hip surgery made it difficult to try on clothes, the shoulder surgery(ies) made it difficult to try on clothes, I didn’t feel like I wanted to spend the money, yada, yada, yada.) Plus I absolutely hate to shop — especially for clothes. I’d rather get steroid shots in all my joints at once that go clothes shopping. Nothing ever fits and everything is expensive. Plus once I get frustrated trying things on that don’t fit, the shopping is all over except for the drive home. But my husband is a great shopper and he’s got a wonderful eye for picking things out for me, so off to the mall we went.

Saturday I lasted about an hour and a half before my energy level just failed. One minute I was okay, the next minute the week of being down with the crud just caught up with me. So we grabbed a movie and some dinner and called it a day.

Sunday, however was a marathon. All the house chores (laundry, etc.) that get done in the morning, plus a solid 5-hour trek through the mall in the afternoon trying on clothes.  (There was a short lunch break for a lump crabmeat/mango/avocado/arugula salad and a glass of un-oaked Chardonnay — which was a delicious break from the chicken soup I’d been living on for the past week.)

Getting dressed/trying on clothes really is one of the hardest things for me to do and, additive to just being on my feet for that long, really did a number on me. I could barely move Monday morning.

But Monday night I kept my commitment to working out. I’ve been walking/exercising in the heated pool at the fitness center, and just getting my joints to move in the warm water made a world of difference. My knees still feel a bit like they’re filled with broken glass, but overall I’m much more limber and pain-free than yesterday.

So life goes on. Work is ramping up again and deadlines are looming. Soon it will be Easter then Memorial Day, then before you know it, we’ll be carving pumpkins and eating turkeys.

In the meantime, I hope whatever goes on in your life is full of blessings. Thanks for checking in.