I’m not one to endorse products in a public forum for a variety of reasons, but this one I think bears passing along. It’s an analagesic cream that contains ibuprofen. It’s really great because it not only provides localized pain relief, I believe the ibuprofen helps with spot inflammation. I woke up last night with a sore spot on my hip from bursitis and could not get back to sleep. Rubbed some of this stuff on it, and got almost instant relief.

It absorbs readily, is non-greasy, and while it’s almost odorless, it has a slight BenGay scent due to the other soothing ingredients. The thing I really like about it (besides the fact that it works) is that you can put pain killer right on the spot, rather than take something orally that could irritate your stomach and affects your entire system.

I got my jar from my physical therapist. They used it alone and also when they did ultrasound treatments. You can find it at various pharmacies and it’s also available on line.  If you do an online search, you’ll see the [now fairly typical] issues and claims against it, however, I’ve never had a problem and the fact that it was recommended to me by a reputable physical therapist speaks louder than Internet postings.

If you try it, I hope that it brings you relief similar to the results I get.

Thanks for checking in.