My spine is a fox. At least that what the neurosurgeon said.

He told me that my spine is in great shape, and considering my [advanced] age and the fact that I have RA, it’s terrific. I told him that I was glad that at least one part of me was doing well and that’s when he made the comment about my foxy spine.

I do have one disk that’s bulging slightly, but it’s away from the spinal cord, not toward it. I also have that bone spur in the lumbar spine, but again, it’s away from the spinal cord, so it’s not a problem.

After he gave me the report, he took me back to their computer room and went through the MRI images with me. As he [correctly] pointed out, you don’t have to be a doctor to see when something is not right. Even I could see that there was good space between my vertebra and as he said, I have been blessed with a nice wide spinal canal, so the nerves have all the room they need.

So no surgery. If I continue to have problems, he said that they could inject the disk [NOT!], but that he didn’t see anything that would recommend that course of action at this point.

I do need to [gasp!] get more exercise to strengthen my core muscles. He assured me that I could do whatever exercises I wanted/could do and I wouldn’t be doing any damage to the spine. He also said that he would prescribe some physical therapy if I thought that would be beneficial, but for now I’m not going to invest the $$$ and the time off.

So, Yay!!

In other good news, the check came in from the insurance last Saturday just in time to run to the jewelry store and pick up my repaired wedding ring. The new diamond is beautiful and a very close match to the one I managed to break. The original stone was a bit wider, and less deep, but only someone who wears it every day (like me) would ever notice the difference.

Hope whatever news comes your way today also brings you happiness.

Thanks for checking in.