The question: What do (1) the Bay of Pigs; (2) the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing; (3) the Branch-Davidian standoff; and (4) Jack and Carla’s wedding anniversary have in common? (We only missed the Gulf Oil Spill by a day.)

One of these days I’ll post an entry with the “How We Met” story, which is fairly entertaining, but the point of today’s entry is that we’ve been married for 15 years. (Who says that marriages of people who elope to Las Vegas don’t last?)

And April 19 isn’t the only bad-omen day we have in our relationship. By luck rather than by design, we both received our divorces from our ex-spouses on the same day (he was #9 on the docket, I was #10). The anniversary of our divorces — September 11.

With these kinds of calamities tied to momentous occasions in our marriage, we’ve decided for the sake of the rest of mankind, we’re going to stay married a while longer. No telling what would happen if we ever got divorced.