I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Rest does not equal Energy. Einstein’s formula E=MC2 was proof of that. No where in the formula is an “R” for “rest”.

My company has a politically correct Spring Holiday that happens to coincide with the not politically correct Good Friday holiday. Politically correct or not, I got last Friday off and enjoyed a three-day holiday — all but a few hours of which I spent resting.

Yes, I had lists of activities and things to do and places to go and movies to see. I got out about two hours on Saturday to run some “have to” errands, and spent the rest of the weekend pretty much piled up in bed watching old movies and sleeping.

Those of us who deal with chronic illness also often deal with chronic pain. Some level of pain is pretty much part of my daily life. If I take enough pain killers to stop the pain, I’m not really able to drive or to work, so I take just enough Tylenol to make it through the day and get on with it. However, given three days where I could just be lazy, I succumbed to my dream of having even a few hours that didn’t hurt and some sleep that wasn’t interrupted by one joint or another screaming for attention. So I raided my medicine cabinet and had a blissful three days of pain-free rest.

And I feel wonderfully rested, but rather than being up and ready to go, I’d really rather spend another day (or 12) repeating the same drowsy schedule. It’s probably a hangover from the narcotic pain killers I took or just the effects of a cloudy, rainy day in Dallas, but given the choice of sitting at my desk at work or snoozing under the covers at home, there’s no doubt which I’d rather be doing.

However, given that rest also does not equal income, guess where I am?

Hoping that today brings you both rest and peace. Thanks for checking in.