One of my major peeves is when people don’t take responsibility for their own actions. I’m not going to use this post to go off on a rant on the subject, but rather to take a look in the mirror and point that finger of blame in my own direction.

When I was growing up and well into adulthood, going to the doctor was a bit of a last resort. First you did all the things that you could do yourself to see if the condition would clear up, then, if all else failed, you went to the doctor. If you had a sore throat, you gargled and rested. If your ankle swelled up, you rested and used ice and elevation. If you had a fever, you took aspirin and stayed in bed. If that didn’t work after about a week, you’d go see the doctor to see if they had any ideas.

Somewhere since my RA diagnosis, I’ve become content to let my doctor take the primary position in managing the disease. Yes, I’m an active participant in the process — trying to make informed decisions about the direction which my health care plan progresses. But what I haven’t been doing is doing all I can to treat the disease. I have not been eating appropriately nor getting enough exercise. Both of these will not only help my RA, but my weight, my blood pressure, and mental outlook.

So, after a period of consideration, I’ve taken a page out of Cathy’s book (The Life and Adventures’ of Cateepoo), and have decided to give the Paleo diet an honest try as well as a commitment to more exercise (now that my 60-hour weeks have calmed down for a while). The Paleo diet is (IMHO) a cross between an anti-inflammatory diet and a low-carb diet (plus fruit). It is centered around lean meats, fruits, and vegetables, eliminating grains, dairy, and legumes. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that many RA patients have had remarkable results following the diet plan.

And if also helps me with my weight, blood pressure, triglycerides, and the other things about me that are unhealthy, so much the better. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I hope that whatever is in your diet today brings smiles and warmth into your life.

Thanks for checking in.