The last time I did any serious landscaping was a few years ago. I don’t remember the year, but I remember distinctly it was March. You know, March in Dallas? That beautiful time of year where the temperatures are reaching into the 70’s and we get our spring rains? Perfect for planting?

I have pictures of my new shrubbery covered in snow.

So when I landscaped this year — replacing my dead grass with new sod and ivy and planting new bushes — I waited a bit later. Now of course, we’re about to reach 20 straight days of >100 degree weather with no rain in sight.

(I have this same sense of timing with the stock market and real estate …)

With new sod, I’m having to water my yard every day. (Actually, I run the sprinklers at night so the water doesn’t just turn to steam before it hits the grass.) And the yard guys haven’t mowed yet because they want to make sure the sod is well established before they do that. So while I’m surrounded by a neighborhood of withering lawns, I have this verdant carpet of grass about 4 inches high.

There is a real plus to all this — my yard is starting to look like Noah’s Ark. We’ve always had a lot of birds and other critters around our yard, partly I think because we don’t have dogs or cats that chase them away. But now that I’m pouring my life savings into watering my lawn, the animal population has exploded, being drawn to the cool, moist area. Mockingbirds and blue jays and robins (oh, my!) and flickers and grackles and white wing doves. I have squirrels skittering through my hedges and this morning I nearly tripped over a bunny on my way out to pick up the paper. At night there are possums and raccoons. (Those are all okay — it’s the snakes and skunks that I hope stay away.)

If we ever do get any rain, be sure and tell Noah where all his animals are …

Hoping your day is filled with sunshine (and not too much heat). Thanks for checking in.